Dance Fever Studio of Dance - A Divsion of Olympia Gymnastics

Energy Dance Competition 
Soloist: Emilynn- Platinum and 2nd overall won the "Awesome Acro" Judges Choice award!
Cj - High Gold and 9th overall and he won the "Lets hear it for the boy" Judges choice award
Juilana - High Gold and she won the "Big things come in small packages award" Judges Choice award
Lexi- Tap Solo Gold Award
Open Solo Gold Award
Duet: Cj & Juliana- Gold award 
Brooklyn- Hip Hop Solo Gold award "Funky" Judges Choice award!
Dani- Hip Hop Solo Gold award and "Ball of Energy" Judges choice Award"
Mini Trio- Gold

IN10SITY Dance Competition
Jr Soloist:
Emilynn Platinum and 1st overall
Cj High Gold
Juliana High Gold
Jr Duet:
Mini Soloist
Mini Trio:
Sr Soloist

StarPower Dance Competition
Emilynn- 5 stars, 1st in Open category and 1st overall and "Golden Arches" Judges Choice Award and Scholarship for their National Workshop
Julianna - 4.75 stars and 9th over all
CJ-4.75 Stars, 1st in Hip Hop Category and 5th over all
Dani-4.75 Stars, 1st in Hip Hop Category and 5th Over All   
Brooklyn-4.75 Stars and "Funkiness" Judges Choice Award
Haley- 4.5 Stars, 1st in Tap Category and 8th Over All
Lexi-Open Solo 4.75 Stars, 1st in Open Category
Tap Solo- 4.5 Stars, and 1st in Tap Category
Trio Mini's 
Mee Too- 4.5 Stars, 1st in Open Category and 4th Over All
Jr Duet
4.5 Stars, 1st in Hip Hop Category & 1st Over All

Beyond The Stars Dance Competition
Jr. Soloist:
Emilynn- Platinum award, 1st in Open Category & 5th Overall Advanced division. 
Juliana-High Gold award and 1st place in the Hip Hop category, Advanced division
CJ -High Gold award Advanced Division
Mini Soloist:
Dani-High Gold Award, 1st Hip Hop Category 
Brooklyn-High Gold Award
Sr soloist:
Lexi Alford
Open - Gold Award
Tap- High Gold 
Jr Duet: CJ & Juliana 
High Gold award and "Fierce and Fabulous" actor award, 9th Over All in Advanced division

Spotlight Dance Competition
Jr Soloist:
Emilynn-Diamond and 1st Overall, Spotlight Award "The Cut Above" , Judges choice award "Incredible Control" 
Cj -Ruby Award
Juliana -Ruby Award, 1st in Hip Hop Category
Jr Duet: Ruby
Mini Soloist
Brooklyn-Ruby, 1st in Hip Hop Category, Judges Choice Award "Stank Face"
Mini Trio:Ruby and Spotlight Special Costume Award 
Sr Soloist
Tap- Ruby

StarPower National Dance Competition
CONGRATULATIONS At Star Power Nationals To Our Competitive Dancers. On A 5 Star Scale: 
Emilynn- 5 stars, 1st in Open Category and 2nd Overall High Score in the 9-11 Intermediate Level.
Julianna - Juliana's Hip Hop Solo also received 4.75
Cj's- Hip Hop Solo received 4.75
Dani-Hip Hop Solo received 4.75   
Brooklyn-Brooklyn's solo received 4.75 and 1st place in the Hip Hop category in he 8 and under Novice level
Haley- Tap Solo received 4.75
Lexi-4.75 in her Tap and Open solos age group 15-19 Intermediate Level,
Trio Mini's Mee Too-  Dani, Brooklyn and Haley's Trio received 4.75, 1st place in Category and 5th overall High Score in the 8 and under Novice level. 
Jr Duet Cj and Juliana Hip Hop Duet ages group 9-11 Intermediate level 4.75 placing 1st in their Category and 5th overall High score. 

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