Dance Fever Studio of Dance - A Divsion of Olympia Gymnastics

StageONE Dance Competition 
Emilynn - Soloist placed 1st overall, 1st in category and received the choreography Achievement Award and double platinum. 
Brooklyn & Haley Duet received 4th overall and a platinum.
Small group earned 8th overall and a platnium
Soloist- Dani, C.J., Lexi all received platnium awards
Soloist- Haley, Brooklyn, Mya and Juliana received High Gold's
Duet- CJ and Juliana received a High Gold award

StarPower Dance Competition
Haley- 1st in Category and 1st overall
Emilynn 1st in Category, 6th overall and Special judges choice award for beautiful technique
Mya soloist 10th Overall
Brooklyn and Haley Duet 8th Overall
Dani Soloist -1st in Hip Hop Category
Group- 1st in Category

World Class Talent
Haley - 5 stars 1st overall 
Brooklyn - 5 stars 
Haley & Brooklyn Duet - 5 stars 1st overall judges award for “all the feels”
Juliana - 4 stars 
Dani - 5 stars 
Mya - 5 stars 3rd overall 
Em- 5 stars 2nd overall 
Group- 5 stars 1st overall and a Golden ticket for Nationals! 

StarPower National Dance Competition
Group took 1st in Category and received a special judges Choice Award "The Intensity". Novice Soloist, Haley received 5⭐'s and 10th Overall, Brooklyn received 4.75 ⭐'s and 1st in Category, Mya received 4.75⭐'s,1st in category and 6th Overall. Intermediate Soloist Emilynn received 5⭐'s and Judges Choice Award "Excellent Emotion", C.J. received 4.75⭐'s and Judges Choice Award "Too Much Sauce", Juliana received 4.75⭐'s. Lexi received 1st in Category. Haley and Brooklyn's novice duet received 4.75 ⭐'s and 5th Overall, Juliana and CJ's Intermediate Duet received 4.75 ⭐'s and 7th Overall.

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